2 reasons the Mets should trade for Shohei Ohtani this offseason, 1 reason they shouldn't

New York Mets v Los Angeles Angels
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2) Reason the Mets should trade Shohei Ohtani: He is a Cy Young candidate whenever he takes the mound, making him a complete package for anyone who takes him. 

Ohtani has been labeled as the Babe Ruth of the 21st century in the past, and rightfully so. Ruth had been carving out a Hall of Fame pitching career with the Red Sox in the 1910’s before playing the outfield full time. Ohtani has the unique distinction of being the two-way player everyone wants to be, and do it well.  

Before pitching on Tuesday night, Ohtani has compiled quite a two-year pitching performance. He has a 3.02 ERA in 235.1 innings pitched, with 308 strikeouts and 68 walks with 11.8 strikeouts per nine innings and a 4.53 strikeout to walk ratio. 

He’s been better this season than he was last on the hill, which compensates for his down year at the plate. Regardless, Ohtani is the unicorn type of player everyone wants, because of his ability to play both offense and defense. Nobody in baseball has an ability quite like this, and it would be amazing for him to be in Flushing, a town surrounded by Asian American traditions, and Ohtani would thrive there.  

Ohtani taking the mound is appointment television for baseball fans, because he can also be a designated hitter within the game too, as per the special Ohtani rule put in place. Imagine what SNY or WPIX’s ratings would be if Ohtani makes his Mets debut and the hype that would surround him playing for a World Series contender in New York?