World Series MVP Ray Knight has a most valuable quote about the Mets and the Wilpons

1986 Mets 30th Anniversary Reunion
1986 Mets 30th Anniversary Reunion / Adrian Edwards/GettyImages

Ray Knight was the MVP of the 1986 World Series but that’s not what has New York Mets fans cheering hard for him today. In attendance at Saturday’s Old-Timer’s Day, Knight had a mic drop quote on the former owners of the franchise.

Hey Ray Knight, tell us how you really feel.

Mets World Series MVP said what a lot of former players probably feel

With the Wilpons no longer in charge of the Mets, it’s much easier for Knight and probably many others to express how they felt about the old ownership regime. We can only imagine what went on behind the scenes. The fans were often overlooked. We can assume players, especially those from Knight’s era, were underappreciated, too.

The dislike of the Wilpons extends further than those in the nosebleeds. As time passes, I’m sure we’ll find out more rumors about what Fred and Jeff were up to. While not everything was nefarious, ineptitude seems to be a major culprit.

For Knight to express that he likes the New York Mets is positive considering how things ended. After helping the team win the World Series in 1986, he failed to come to terms on a new agreement with the ball club. It was around that time when Fred Wilpon became a 50-50 partner with Nelson Doubleday Jr. I think we found out where the animosity all began.

Having such an important figure in Mets lore at the ballpark is important for the history of the franchise. Events where ex-players are invited back need to leave the door open to figures like Knight. Now minus the Wilpon chokehold on the franchise, we should suspect Knight isn’t the last to express himself more openly.

You might be familiar with the scene in Airplane! when everyone lines up to shake the frantic passenger to tell her to “Get a hold of yourself!” Some stand in line with crow bars, mallets, and other objects. It’s like that only with words and former Mets players in the queue.

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