3 Mets prospects on the verge of becoming irrelevant

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This year will be a big one for New York Mets prospects. We already have Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty in the big leagues. We should expect to see others up here at some point, too.

The Mets farm system is incredibly top-heavy with those two and a few others many of us believe can be MLB contributors. Unfortunately, not everyone will have as much success as them. These three prospects are on the verge of becoming irrelevant with the system. Can any salvage their career before it’s too late?

1) NY Mets prospect Matt Allan is on the verge of becoming irrelevant

It’s a huge disappointment how Matt Allan’s career has gone. He has already undergone Tommy John Surgery and more recently in early 2023 a UCL revision surgery. It’s a big bummer that we may never actually get to see him pitch in the majors at all.

Although just 22, Allan was a 2019 draft pick who has logged only 10.1 innings as a professional. All of them came in the months after he was taken in the third-round by Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen who practically built the whole draft around Allan. After selecting him, the ball club only took “underslot” players in the draft which allowed them to give Allan a bigger signing bonus.

It hasn’t worked out so well only because of the health issues Allan has faced. Think about how much has changed since he last pitched a game. Mets ownership has changed. You may have gotten a new job. A kid who keeps you up at night might not have even been a thought.

Allan is becoming irrelevant in the Mets farm system for no other reason than he isn’t getting on the field. There is a great comeback story in there somewhere. We just hope he can author it in time before the Mets part ways.