3 Mets prospects we should be more excited about after the Spring Breakout Series

A win and a first look at some of the future Mets.
Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets
Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Friday’s Spring Breakout Series game between the best New York Mets prospects and the greatest the Washington Nationals have to offer provided a different preview of the future. Youngsters weren’t sprinkled in around the veterans. They were leading the charge.

The Mets took the game 4-2. The winner wasn’t what we were most interested in seeing, though.

In some cases, this was a first chance or a somewhat extended one, to see many of these players. Who left us feeling more eager to see take the field in the big leagues? It’s these three less-discussed prospects who clocked on the radar. An honorable mention goes out to Ryan Clifford who had one of the better days at the plate. He's already well-hyped so let's look at some less-discussed guys.

Brandon Sproat

Brandon Sproat’s one-two-three innings was over before it began. It took him 7 pitches, all for strikes, to get through the inning. The frame included a pair of strikeouts which were unfortunately glossed over because his inning included an interview with Drew Gilbert with no real takeaways. Sproat was drafted just last season and his effortless inning should raise some eyebrows with the best intentions. Sproat has yet to pitch in the minor leagues since getting drafted last summer.

Nolan McLean

Two-way prospect Nolan McLean didn’t hit, but we did see him on the mound. Awarded the win in this game, his inning included a hit on a short-hop at the third baseman around a strikeout and two other easy outs on the infield. McLean throws hard and it looks like every bit of his body contributed to this. More advanced as a pitcher than hitter, he has a slight intimidation factor on the mound. Next year, let’s see him hit.

Marco Vargas

The starting second baseman in this game, Marco Vargas would remain in the game for all seven innings. He walked twice, scored a run, and in his other at-bat sent a ball deep into the outfield. There were no home runs at all in this game, just a double for each ball club. Vargas didn’t have a huge standout game, but as a lower level prospect who doesn’t turn 19 for several months, he blended right in with the near-ready prospects. Somehow he was able to in three plate appearances already show his amazing eye.