3 Mets prospects who fell in the rankings and why

Mar 1, 2021; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets Matt Allan #93 poses during media day at Clover
Mar 1, 2021; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets Matt Allan #93 poses during media day at Clover / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The New York Mets currently have the 14th best farm system in all of baseball according to mlb.com. This is as high as they've been ranked in years and is thanks in large part to their two first-round picks this season in Kevin Parada and Jett Williams.

Those prospects join what has been a top-heavy farm system headlined of course by the number one overall prospect according to mlb.com in Francisco Alvarez. The Mets have three other top prospects in the top 100 in Brett Baty (#19 overall), Kevin Parada (#40 overall), and Alex Ramirez (#90 overall).

The Mets farm system is definitely improving and the interesting names don't stop after the top four. Guys like Ronny Mauricio and Mark Vientos aren't in the top 100 but are quality prospects to watch.

With all the good going on in the farm system, there are also some players whose stocks have fallen in the last year or two.

1) NY Mets prospect who fell in the rankings: Matt Allan

The New York Mets selected a guy who was thought of as a massive steal in the third round 89th overall in the 2019 MLB Draft in Matthew Allan. He was ranked as one of, if not the best pitcher High School pitcher in the draft class and only fell because of the money needed to sign him.

Allan was immediately ranked as the fourth best prospect in the Mets system in 2020 and was considered their best pitching prospect. Allan was ranked in that same fourth spot behind Alvarez, Baty, and Mauricio for the entirety of the 2021 campaign as well. Now, Allan finds himself ranked as the tenth best prospect in the system and just the third best pitching prospect.

Allan has fallen in the rankings for one reason and one reason only; his health. Allan appeared in six games in the Mets system in 2019 and pitched well in his 10.1 innings of work. With there being no minor league season in 2020, Allan was pitching at the Alternate Site.

In 2021, Allan underwent Tommy John Surgery after partially tearing his UCL and missed the entire season. In February of this season, Allan needed another surgery on that same elbow and hasn't appeared in a game.

Allan's status as a pitcher hasn't changed. He still has really solid potential. But with him only making six appearances in the Mets system in three seasons, he was destined to fall in the rankings.

Hopefully the 21-year-old is able to find his way through a healthy season next season so the Mets know what they have in their once promising prospect.