2 Mets prospects who should make their MLB debut in 2023 and 1 who shouldn't

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Newly acquired Mets pitcher Coleman Crow shouldn't debut this season

Coleman Crow came to the Mets a few weeks ago in the trade that brought Eduardo Escobar to the Los Angeles Angels. Crow entered the organization's prospect ranking chart as No. 11 according to MLB Pipeline's Top 30 Team Prospects list.

Crow is a 22-year-old pitcher who throws a low-90s fastball that hits 94 mph with a little sinker movement that generates lots of ground balls. Among his secondary pitches, the slider stands out due to the high spin rate it produces, generating a significant number of swing and misses on his opponents.

Although Coleman Crow is in Double A, the former Angel has a maturity in his arm that allows him to be efficient in MLB as soon as this season. However, there is a factor that must be considered, and that affects this young pitcher, which would slow down his MLB debut.

Crow has been showing soreness and swelling in his pitching arm. Although the Mets acquired him with the intention of being able to test his stuff and arsenal quickly, the organization should not call up Coleman Crow until next season and hope his arm can rest and be tested again in the minors.