3 Mets prospects in contention to take on the expected Ronny Mauricio role midseason

The Mets have a couple of prospects who can fill in for Ronny Mauricio.
Luisangel Acuna watches the ball go foul
Luisangel Acuna watches the ball go foul / Jeff Miller / Special to the Press &
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3) Luke Ritter

The longer shot of these options is Luke Ritter. He had to grab our attention last season by powering a combined 27 home runs in Double-A and Triple-A. Slashing .244/.372/.496 along the way too, Ritter is an infield prospect to add into this mix.

Since debuting in 2019, Ritter has played a lot of second base while eventually working his way to both corner infield spots. The Mets don’t have as much of a need at first base. The other two spots, third base in particular, aren’t as locked.

Ritter will need a lot to go his way to bypass Acuna and Jackson on the list of options. He has some of the same weaknesses as Jackson. And with a 27th birthday coming early next year, he’s a little behind his peers.

Just a .228/.336/.415 hitter in 374 minor league games and with 446 strikeouts, Ritter is a work in progress. We’d all like to see the seventh rounder make it to the majors. A good underdog story is always fun to watch unfold.