3 Mets prospects who could join Brett Baty on the 2023 Opening Day roster

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3) NY Mets prospect Mark Vientos is either on the MLB roster or he’s traded this winter

There is no in-between for Mark Vientos. He is either on the Mets Opening Day roster next year or he’s with a different organization. There is no reason why he still needs to be in Triple-A other than the major league roster right now doesn’t have room for him.

It feels very 50/50 with Vientos. On one hand, why wasn’t he dealt at this year’s trade deadline if the Mets have no intention of moving forward with him? One possibility is the Mets didn’t get any deals together sweet enough that they felt Vientos was worth giving up. Plus, if they’re going to go after a blockbuster addition like Shohei Ohtani, they’re going to need a lot of ammunition.

Vientos has played a lot less third base this year and with Brett Baty getting the promotion over him to the major leagues, it’s clear who the organization prefers at the hot corner. Vientos is left in a J.D. Davis role for the immediate future. He could definitely be a DH option for them but with such limited defensive abilities the Mets are probably going to trade him.

Again, why haven’t they already?

Vientos could be a complimentary piece alongside Vogelbach instead of Alvarez to begin the year. At the trade deadline, he’s someone they could flip.

For Vientos, it’s all or nothing next year on Opening Day. He’ll begin the year with some major league team. None of us know if it’ll be the Mets or another club.

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