3 blockbuster trades Ronny Mauricio can headline

St Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio can headline a trade for Cubs catcher Willson Contreras

I think the Mets will strongly consider trading for Willson Contreras at this year's deadline. They have gotten virtually nothing offensively from James McCann and Tomas Nido and now both of those catchers are injured.

I personally believe the Mets can survive with Nido and McCann because of their elite defense behind the plate, but only if they improve the rest of the lineup. Guys like Eduardo Escobar and J.D. Davis can't be getting consistent at bats with how they're playing.

Contreras would be a big bat who is also pretty good defensively. He can hit in the middle of the order and give the Mets way more than they've had offensively from a catcher in a long time.

Contreras does come with some risk though, as he's a free agent after the year. With Francisco Alvarez in AAA and knocking on the door, is it worth it to trade a top prospect for a player who will almost surely be a rental? I say yes if it's the lone missing piece, but I'm not sure if Contreras is that.

If the Mets make the other improvements to their bullpen and lineup, I'd say go out and get Contreras and someone like David Robertson for the bullpen.