3 blockbuster trades Ronny Mauricio can headline

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The New York Mets entered the second half over 20 games over .500 and in first place in the NL East. It's been a great start to the season, but I don't think the Mets are there yet.

By there, I mean World Series contenders. Trades need to be made at the deadline to help this team get to where they want to be. A guy who I believe should be traded at the deadline is Ronny Mauricio.

Mauricio is the third highest ranked prospect in the Mets system according to mlb.com and is number 52 overall on the top 100 list. He has a bright future, but I don't think it's with the Mets.

While he projects to be a corner infielder or outfielder due to his size, Mauricio has played only shortstop in the minors. With the Mets having Francisco Lindor locked up for another 10 years, it makes no sense to keep him while his value is still high.

There are three elite players who will be available at the deadline that the Mets should consider using Ronny Mauricio to trade for.

1) NY Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio can headline a trade for Reds pitcher Luis Castillo

I have wanted the Mets to trade for Luis Castillo for the longest time. He's a stud, and he's durable. Castillo has one more year of control after this one so his value will be high. Even with the high price tag, it'd be worth it.

The Mets simply cannot rely on Jacob deGrom to pitch. He's yet to pitch this season in the Major Leagues after missing the entire second half last season. A rotation of Max Scherzer, Chris Bassitt, Taijuan Walker, Carlos Carrasco, and David Peterson can be good enough but that rotation is full of injury and regression concerns.

With Castillo the Mets would be acquiring an ace to be ideally their third starter. A playoff rotation with deGrom, Scherzer, Castillo, and Bassitt would be pretty unfair. Even without deGrom and subbing in all-star snub Taijuan Walker that rotation would still be insane.

The Mets need another bat and some bullpen arms but when an ace is available and the Mets have a very expendable prospect like Mauricio, I think it's worth it to try and make the rotation even more formidable.