Mets prospect face-off: Luisangel Acuna vs. Ronny Mauricio

Which infielder has more value?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game One
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game One / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

The New York Mets employ two very competitive and impressive infielders in their farm system. These two players are both protected on the 40-man roster and are ranked not only on the top Mets top 30 prospects but Major League Baseball’s top 100 prospects. Ronny Mauricio and Luisangel Acuna are the names and they are important ones for the future of this ball club.

These players are gems out of the international signing classes in their respective years, bringing value and contributing to the Mets farm system. Ronny Mauricio signed as an international free agent by the Mets in 2017 out of the Dominican Republic. Luisangel Acuna, the brother of Ronald, also signed as an international free agent in 2018 by the Texas Rangers; in 2023, a deal that sent Mets’ ace Max Scherzer to the Rangers, bounded Acuna back to Queens. Both of their profiles strongly fit the needs on the major league field and they can both succeed individually and can assist this team towards a World Series title.

The contrast between two anticipated prospects, Ronny Mauricio vs Luisangel Acuna

Let’s start with Ronny Mauricio. He’s spent majority of the 2023 season in AAA Syracuse where he batted .292 with a .346 on-base percentage. With 532 plate appearances, Mauricio had 143 hits, 71 RBIs, and 23 home runs.

 Mauricio stands 6’3” at 222lbs, throws from the right and hits from both sides of the plate. His successful side is from the left side where his power is more visible. Although his hitting grade is average, his power makes up for it. He has a huge physical presence in the box and generates good contact with good eye-level pitch recognition. Mauricio won’t be beaten in the strike zone and will attack up and in, middle-up, and up and away. His defense is above satisfactory, using his speed and an above-average arm. He’s listed at three positions and can show out at them all; he’s been seen in a fourth position at the hot corner. His hands are soft with good range on each directional side and can throw the ball.

Luisangel Acuna slashed a .294 batting average, .359 on-base percentage, and a .410 slugging percentage. In 510 at-bats in 2023, Acuna recorded 150 hits, 63 RBIs, and nine home runs.

Acuna’s the top-ranked prospect in the Mets organization. 5’8” 181lbs and an athletic frame, Acuna brings quick hands, bat speed, and aggressiveness. He has a quick trigger early in the count and will challenge pitchers. His strength is barreling fastballs and using the entire field spraying his hits across the diamond. His weakness lies in hitting the off-speed. Another value to Acuna’s game is his speed and running game. He puts the team in a good situation, anytime on base. In 2023 Acuna snagged 57 bags; in four minor league seasons, he’s stolen 158 bags.

Where Acuna and Mauricio fit the organization

Overall, it seems Acuna will be the more valuable name in this comparison, bringing more speed to his on-base ventures and speed to his position-play. At the moment with Francisco Lindor still in the mix, Acuna will most likely play second base.  This would be best case scenario as his arm from the hole is not as good as the two-bag spot. Center field is also on his radar and his speed can easily have him fit in there.

Mauricio has a powerful arm and will most likely end up in left field. Again, with Lindor still a force with the Mets, Mauricio’s best chance on the infield is at third base; the throw would not be an issue. With better hands and defensive work, the hot corner could be a realistic home one day for Mauricio. His bat, especially from the left side, will be valuable to the lineup. 

At some point, this can be two-thirds of the Mets outfield or scattered on the infield. Both of these prospects on one field and in the same lineup will be extremely important for the Mets.