Great Christian Scott! and his awesome 2023 numbers on the farm

Christian Scott had a brilliant year in the minors for the Mets.
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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Christian Scott seemed to come from out of nowhere. Although already regarded as a top 25 prospect for the New York Mets at the end of 2022 despite an unsensational season, the experts knew better than to dismiss this fifth-round draft pick. The Mets saw it, too. They sent him to the Arizona Fall League which was one way of suggesting they had high hopes for him.

Scott was just 3-3 with a 4.45 ERA in his first 58.2 innings in 2022. He worked as a starter and reliever, averaging 3.4 walks per 9 but adding in 11.8 strikeouts over the same span.

He took a huge step forward in 2023 in a year that made his name known to a much wider audience. Let’s look at some of those monster numbers that came along with his 5-4 record and 2.57 ERA in 87.2 innings in A-Ball, High-A, and Double-A.

NY Mets prospect Christian Scott had a 0.856 WHIP

Base runners weren’t plentiful against Scott whose 0.856 WHIP was remarkably low. Obviously, this comes along with an impressive hits per 9 and walk rate. Batters averaged 6.5 hits per 9 against him. More impressively, Scott issued a walk only 1.2 times for every 9 innings of work.

How ‘bout them Christian Scott strikeouts?

The strikeout rate did fall ever so slightly but in a year where he only started and pitched more innings, we can forgive him for “only” striking out batters at a rate of 11 per 9 innings. The strikeout to walk ratio was 8.92. In Double-A alone it was at 9.63.

Christian Scott doesn’t give up home runs

Only 5 hitters managed to take Scott deep. All of them were in Double-A where he spent 62 of his innings. It worked out at a rate of 0.5 per 9 on the year. The guy throws strikes and doesn’t give up home runs.

Where are the wild pitches?

Zero wild pitches. Nada. Zip. 0. Not one ball he threw all year against the 335 batters he faced was charged as a wild pitch. These things do happen and with such amazing control it’s not exactly a surprise to see Scott accomplish this as well.

Scott is one of several fast-rising Mets pitching prospects. As dismissive as our experience with young pitchers may make us, there’s a difference. Scott isn’t a prospect we’re being told is good. We’re seeing it.