Mets prospect Alex Ramirez is torching pitchers in Single-A

The New York Mets, Citi Field, Queens, New York.
The New York Mets, Citi Field, Queens, New York. / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

Francisco Alvarez may have your full attention but another young New York Mets prospect is off to a strong start this season, too. Outfielder Alex Ramirez, ranked sixth within the organization according to, spent last year the St. Lucie Mets batting .258/.326/.384 in 334 trips to the plate. He’s back there again this year with some far better results.

Now 40 plate appearances into his second year with St. Lucie, Ramirez is batting .500/.550/.722.

Wait, I think I made a typographical error. No. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked. He’s seriously 18 for 36?

Alex Ramirez is going to rise up the Mets prospect list really fast

Signed back in July of 2019, Ramirez is a guy the Mets will hope can become the center fielder they’ve been longing for. With an ETA of 2024, they should get some answers much sooner although even then he’d be in his early 20s and handed plenty of rope to figure things out.

The Mets haven’t had that international sensation like many other teams. The Atlanta Braves with Ronald Acuna Jr., the Washington Nationals with Juan Soto, and even the Los Angeles Angels with already established Shohei Ohtani have all benefitted from these young superstars. The Mets, amazingly, now could have three guys on their way to the show who came to the organization via international free agent signing.

The other two, catcher Francisco Alvarez and infielder Ronny Mauricio, have been on the radar for several years now. Alvarez has managed to completely take over from Mauricio as the better prospect although ranking prospects is a lot about making predictions, too. Amed Rosario spent plenty of time as one of baseball’s best prospects and yet he never did quite reach his potential with the Mets.

Even the Nationals have been surprised. Before Soto, Victor Robles was considered their young budding superstar in the minor leagues. Robles quickly showed he was more defensive-minded than anything else. Soto has MVP potential.

All three of these Mets prospects are 21 or younger with Ramirez the least experienced at life with 19 years on earth. His fantastic start to the 2022 season is a promising revelation for a team in need of some future outfield help.

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