2 Mets problems the fans saw coming, 1 we didn't expect to be so bad

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3) NY Mets problem we didn't expect to be so bad: The starting rotation

The Mets starting rotation has been awful this season and that's putting it lightly. The Mets came into the regular season with one of the deepest rotations in baseball, however, injuries and performance issues have graded them out as one of the worst. The Mets starters have consistently put the team behind by allowing multiple first-inning runs on a nightly basis, and not pitching deep into games.

The Mets are statistically ranked as one of the worst teams in baseball when it comes to starters going deep into games. In turn, the Mets bullpen has completely been burned out in mid-May as Manager Buck Showalter has had to continuously throw relievers in the fire in the 4th or 5th innings with their starter's struggles.

One of the more shocking developments has been the total regression of David Peterson who came into the season with the ability to challenge for a rotation spot with his performance last season and he has been dreadful with an ERA over 8.

The starting rotation to this point has left a lot be desired and it could be argued that the rotation has been the main source of the Mets' problems this season when taking into account all of their issues. Unless performance improves from the rotation, which was supposed to be the team's backbone, the Mets will continue to struggle as their offense isn't currently built to outslug opponents.

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