2 Mets problems the fans saw coming, 1 we didn't expect to be so bad

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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The New York Mets have been in a freefall in the standings this month and it doesn't seem as of right now that there is one solution on how to solve the issues that are plaguing the roster. There are a couple of issues that Mets fans saw from a mile away prior to Opening Day that I believe have played a large part in the bad baseball that we have witnessed to this point.

As the losses continue to pile on top of each other for the Mets, and as they continue to look at teams in the division pass them in the standings, there are Mets fans demanding answers to these issues. I want to take a dive into both of those issues that anybody with a naked eye could have seen that may continue to hamper the Mets this season, as well as one other issue that I don't believe any fan saw coming.

1) NY Mets problem that fans saw coming: Lack of power in the lineup

Let's be honest, I think most people around baseball saw this specific flaw on the Mets roster late last season, and the Mets' front office did nothing to correct it this past winter. General Manager Billy Eppler seemed content to roll with Daniel Vogelbach and Darin Ruf as options after the failed Carlos Correa deal and it has backfired.

I'm not exactly sure at this point why this issue was never addressed as the Mets are in the bottom half of the league when it comes to home runs and slugging %. To put pressure on the rookies such as Mark Vientos, Brett Baty, and Francisco Alvarez to carry this offense is unfair, and the starters on this team at some point have to pick up the slack.

If the Mets find themselves in the thick of the playoff race I would expect them to trade for a bat at the Trade Deadline, but at this point, that proposition seems so far away. This team failed to upgrade the offense that limped into the playoffs late last season and they are paying for it dearly this season in the middle of May.