3 Mets predictions for their Wild Card Series against the Padres

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets prediction: An easier win in Game 2

That’s right. The Mets close it out in two. Game 1 will have us on the edge of our seat. In Game 2, an early lead has us confident all the way through the night.

We all understand how important it is to win the opener in a short series like this. With Game 1 already put in the books, the Mets will head into Game 2 far more confident. It’s 8 and a half innings of the Mets hitting closer to what we want to see.

For as much as the Mets can be a team reliant on the more grinding wins with hit by pitches, walks, and a bunch of singles, they have the capability to explode. Maybe we get a late home run from Pete Alonso. There won’t be any single hero in this game. Feeling much more confident and with an early lead by the time the Padres get their last opportunity to hit, we even see Showalter turn to someone other than Edwin Diaz to finish them off.

There is one other thing to note about a Game 2 win and secured sweep. Which Mets pitcher started for them? That’s a part of the third prediction for this series. We will not see Jacob deGrom at all.