5 bold predictions for the 2022-2023 Mets offseason

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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5) NY Mets play “wait and see” with the offense, only make minor additions

What will the Mets do to improve the offense? Not a whole lot. There will be some minor additions to the roster. However, with most of the starters under contract and younger players ready for big league action, we won’t see a complete overall.

I’m predicting Brandon Nimmo does return for center field duties. This leaves the team with only really the DH spot to make major changes.

Something tells me we get a Daniel Vogelbach platoon to begin the year. Pairing him with Francisco Alvarez seems to be one way to get the kid’s bat in the lineup more regularly than becoming an everyday catcher from Opening Day onward. The DH spot could also be a place where the Mets rotate players through a little more regularly. Starling Marte could benefit from a few extra days off of his feet.

The Mets already have enough candidates for the DH spot and young players who should help round out the roster to get those opportunities, too. Many of the older DHs out there in free agency the team could sign come with some risk and would be too limiting.

Eppler will add to the position players by maybe signing at least one part-time player but filling out the rest of the club with familiar names and faces. The bullpen will be a major part of the organization to tackle. Have at it with your predictions there. You might want to start with a dart board.

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