Mets predictions for the final 8 games of the regular season

New York Mets v Oakland Athletics
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3) NY Mets prediction: The clincher happens on Tuesday

It will be on Tuesday when the Mets finally clinch the division. They’ll end up only a single game ahead of the Braves because they won’t have any issue against the Marlins at the end of their schedule.

There is some good and bad to clinching on this date. The one day of rest and relaxation to cap off the year will give the team a chance to digest and enjoy the victory. A division title already does give the Mets the first-round bye in the playoffs. This will award them with an extra day.

As much as a clincher in Atlanta would be nice, this would at least happen at home in front of more New Yorkers. Citi Field should be as ruckus as possible on a Tuesday when Walker steps on the mound to get things started. By the middle of the game, it’s clear they’ll be winning this one and knocking the magic number down from one to nothing!

October 4 is a late day to clinch the division. In 2022, it’s almost as late as it gets.

What do you predict for the Mets in their final 8 games? If it’s destruction, you haven’t been paying close attention for the first 154.

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