3 Mets predictions everyone looks like they got correct

New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers
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3) NY Mets prediction everyone got right: The offense needs improvements

Who didn’t have their doubts about the Mets offense? When you end your season in a one-hit shutout and do very little to change things, you’re going to create some doubts.

The Mets hitters haven’t done a whole lot of hitting. They reach base but with already a handful of shutouts before they’ve even started their second homestand of the season, we can definitely see how anyone who predicted bad news for the offense was correct.

The Mets have been making moves to try to correct this. Brett Baty is in the majors now hoping to spark a little more power and average. Meanwhile, Francisco Alvarez has sputtered and the ball club continues to get very little from several others. This is a lineup that, at least early on, has been relying almost exclusively on Brandon Nimmo to get on base and either Pete Alonso or Francisco Lindor to drive him in.

It’s far too early for us to assume the Mets will finish in the bottom half of runs scored. The more Baty plays, the more we can expect him to beat what Eduardo Escobar had delivered. Mark Canha is much better than he has been thus far. Starling Marte and Jeff McNeil are getting on base a lot. They just need to make more use of their bats.

Some Mets fans may have predicted doom and gloom for the offense. This isn’t quite the case. They’re finding ways to score runs. However, they’re also leaving men on base and getting a little too eager to draw a walk. Put those Louisville Sluggers to work, boys.

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