3 Mets predictions everyone looks like they got correct

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2) NY Mets prediction everyone got right: The rotation needed Kodai Senga

Kodai Senga has much more to prove before his jersey hangs from Citi Field. Three starts into his MLB career, he has looked really good. He hasn’t dominated and the opponents he has been matched up against aren’t all that scary. Nevertheless, having him on the roster has proven valuable.

Senga is the youngest new Mets starting pitcher on the roster this season. We know the advanced age of Justin Verlander and Jose Quintana. Add in the candles on Max Scherzer and Carlos Carrasco’s birthday cakes, the Mets have an older than normal pitching staff. Tylor Megill and David Peterson help lower the average age a little bit in the interim.

Senga’s effectiveness has given the ball club a much-needed sense of relief early on. Especially with questions from everyone else to step on the mound with maybe the exception of Megill, it’s good to have a pitcher who has shown he’s probably the right guy for the job.

The one game he hasn’t won took place last Friday when the Mets forced the Oakland Athletics pitchers to work overtime. The 17-walk game threw Senga’s timing off. It’s one of the things he’ll need to get used to. The Mets hitters love to draw walks. He can expect more of it in the future.

So far, Senga has been a welcomed addition as many Mets fans predicted he would be. You’re now two for two. I can guarantee you got this last prediction correct as well.