3 Mets predictions everyone looks like they got correct

New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers
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There are some preseason New York Mets predictions fans would agree on and then there are those you’d be on an island all by yourself with. Not everyone saw Tommy Pham as a good choice. A few people had optimism for what Eduardo Escobar could do.

A big part of making predictions is getting a bunch of them wrong. If anyone was all that good at predicting a baseball game, they’d probably use those clairvoyant skills in another field.

Less than two dozen games into the year, which Mets predictions does it look like everyone got correct?

1) NY Mets prediction everyone got right: The team needed to re-sign Brandon Nimmo

Remember when Brandon Nimmo was “just a fourth outfielder” a few years ago? Mostly everyone seems to come around to realize how important he is to this ball club. On offense and defense, Nimmo is one of the best center fielders in the game. Whether you want to look at statistics or the eye test, the proof is there.

When Nimmo hit free agency it was clear how important it was for the Mets to retain him. The free agent options for the position other than Nimmo were scarce. Aside from moving Starling Marte to center field, there wasn’t much else they could do to get anywhere near the same kind of production.

Nimmo has been living up to his contract to start the season. Although it came out to be much pricier than I think even his biggest fans would’ve predicted, everyone was immediately discussing the importance of keeping him in New York.

If you did predict Nimmo’s importance, good for you. You’re one for one. You’re hardly alone. It’s still worth a light pat on the back.