3 Mets predictions for the month of December

Wild Card Series - San Diego Padres v New York Mets - Game Two
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3) NY Mets prediction: Jacob deGrom rumors continue, the top starting pitcher market remains quiet

When will we finally know what team Jacob deGrom plays for in 2023? It won’t happen in December. This is going to drag on.

The starting pitcher market is going to be a tough one to predict. The threesome of deGrom, Justin Verlander, and Carlos Rodon are in their own class. Behind them, there are players like Chris Bassitt, Jose Quintana, and Jameson Taillon.

December could be a month when the Mets do add one pitcher to their rotation. They need to sign at least two. Three would be preferred.

deGrom doesn’t seem like he’s in any rush to get a deal done. This is his first trip into free agency. He’s hopeful the Mets, Texas Rangers, or someone else wakes up and decides he’s worth the moon.

Eventually some player or team will cave in and sign a deal. With the Mets and deGrom, we might need a little more to happen before they match up again. December is a good month for deGrom rumors to begin to point directly at a return to the Mets. We know Steve Cohen is going to get him, Verlander, or Rodon. Fans who would prefer to not trade in their favorite Mets jersey are eager for it to be deGrom.

Only a small number of teams are realistic candidates to sign deGrom. The longer he remains in free agency, the more nervous fans will get. It means nothing, though. deGrom just wants to be paid a certain amount. As soon as the Mets go there, he’ll sign.

Let’s predict a New Year’s gift from Cohen with deGrom signing a day or two into 2023.

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