5 positive Mets predictions for the 2023 season we all want to believe

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
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5) The New York Mets will reach the World Series in 2023

Of all the predictions none carry more weight for the Mets organization and its fans than reaching the World Series. This is an objective of every team that wants to compete and is very difficult to achieve in a season as long as that of baseball.

The team is built to win. With the hope of winning the division and the health of its most important players, reaching the last rung in October is the ultimate goal for everyone.

The Mets' odds of reaching the World Series have dropped a little after Edwin Diaz's injury, as has the Houston Astros' case with the loss of Jose Altuve. But although the odds serve as a parameter to measure the potential of a team, in a season as long as MLB's, predicting who would make it to a world series is not so easy.

The calculated probability that the Philadelphia Phillies would reach the World Series in 2022 before Opening Day was +2000, ranking thirteenth. Regardless of this, the Mets have the team and the recognition of the league that they are one of the teams to beat this 2023.

Added to this is Steve Cohen's commitment to the organization. On episode 43 of the Joel Sherman and John Heyman podcast, Cohen argued that the salary that could be cut from spending on Diaz because of his injury could be used for some improvement ahead of the trade deadline later in the year. This undoubtedly shows that the team is serious about everything.

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