5 positive Mets predictions for the 2023 season we all want to believe

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2) Mets ace Justin Verlander to win NL Cy Young award

Reigning American League Cy Younger Justin Verlander enters this season with high expectations after agreeing to a two-year, $86 million guaranteed contract and a vesting option for 2025. Verlander, entering his 40s this season, is still in top form.

For many, a player of Justin Verlander's age carries a very high risk, which limits his potential. While this is true of the average player, Verlander has shown in his career that age is not his factor. Comparing his performance at 39 years old with a select group of pitchers of the same age in baseball history, Verlander is number one in FIP and number two in ERA behind Cy Young.

Indeed, the new ace of the Mets has posted the best numbers of his career from the age of 34. In this period, Verlander has posted a 2.26 ERA with 825 strikeouts in 652.2 innings pitched, starting in 102 starts.

This level of results is evidenced in spring training, where Verlander has an ERA below 2.50, a WHIP below .900, and the opposition is hitting below .150. Justin Verlander is already in the mid-season form to compete.

Looking at Verlander's performance in recent years and what he's been doing in the preseason, we can expect him to compete for the Cy Young Award. This could be his first in the national league, adding to his Hall of Fame resume and putting the Mets in a head start.