3 Mets predictions for the 2023 MLB Winter Meetings

What will the Mets do at the Winter Meetings?

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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3) The Mets select at least one reliever through the Rule 5 Draft

In most seasons, a Rule 5 Draft selection can feel a bit unnecessary. This year is a little different. While the Mets could do more than sign a reliever and add a bat, the one thing I feel most sure of is their selection of at least one reliever in the Rule 5 Draft.

The casting director of Naked and Afraid has been in contact with the Mets about putting their bullpen on next season. Can we blame them for the misunderstanding? The relief corps is practically naked already. The fans should have fear of what could happen if they fail to add the right pieces. It doesn’t matter if the Mets hit the mark on improving the starting pitching staff and offense if the bullpen remains the same.

Rule 5 Draft picks are shots in the dark that often fail to work out. What about the ones who do? 

Sean Gilmartin turned out to be a success on the 2015 Mets. Selected in the Rule 5 Draft away from the Minnesota Twins, he gave the team 57.1 innings and a 2.67 ERA performance. It was his lone year in the majors of significance, but it came at an important time.

The worst thing that can happen if the Mets select someone in the Rule 5 Draft is they have to give him back. It’s a worthwhile risk to add a bit more youth into the mix.