3 Mets predictions for the 2023 MLB Winter Meetings

What will the Mets do at the Winter Meetings?
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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2) The Mets improve the DH spot with an outfield free agent

We can refer to this as the DH vacancy when really what the Mets will end up doing is giving themselves a little more outfield depth. At the Winter Meetings, the Mets sign a poor fielding left fielder who becomes their starting DH on Opening Day and for most of the season.

The options here are plentiful. Teoscar Hernandez may make the most sense. Joc Pederson wouldn’t be a bad guy to have around either.

The Mets will see the light and realize a player like Justin Turner, as valuable as he could become, doesn’t make quite as much sense. Now more of a first baseman than third baseman who can play some second base, he becomes virtually useless on defense because of Pete Alonso’s lingering presence.

Stearns is too intelligent to get the Mets caught in the DH net of carrying a player on the roster with no value whatsoever with the glove. Even negative value is some value. Forget what your math teachers taught you.

There isn’t any immediate rush to go out there and add a bat, especially when it’s a guy you’ll have primarily in an offensive role. Because this is could be the one outside hitter the Mets do sign, Stearns would be wise to get it done sooner than later.