3 Mets predictions for the 2023 MLB Winter Meetings

What will the Mets do at the Winter Meetings?
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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When people refer to “the holidays” in December, they’re including the MLB Winter Meetings. This year they begin on December 4 with players, executives, agents, etc. all headed to Nashville. It’s a chance for the New York Mets to make a major stand and assure the fans this won’t be a completely lost season of hoping they compete.

Last year’s Winter Meetings were incredibly active for the Mets. Justin Verlander started it and Brandon Nimmo returned to the team before the last MLB executive could get through his hangover from a night at a honky-tonk on Lower Broadway.

What will the Mets deliver this year? Having already secured a few pieces, let’s see what else they may have in store.

1) The Mets sign their best relief pitcher of the offseason

A car on fire down a ditch on the side of the road needs less help than the Mets pitching staff. At the Winter Meetings, David Stearns needs to make some massive improvements. Coming away without something of significance is going to leave them in the dust.

What the Mets will successfully accomplish at this year’s Winter Meetings is adding a major relief pitcher to the fold. Originally I was thinking this would be the time they’d strike a deal with Luis Severino. They got ahead of the game and made sure he was a member of the Mets before setting out for Tennessee.

Opinions will vary as to what a major reliever is. This winter’s class doesn’t feature a whole lot of saviors. Nevertheless, there are far more significant bullpen arms available than someone like Austin Adams.

To get it out of the way now, I don’t think Yoshinobu Yamamoto signs at the Winter Meetings. Kodai Senga signed a little over a week after they ended last year. Yamamoto, an even bigger free agent with a wide net, will let things linger.