3 Mets predictions we all got wrong this year

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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3) NY Mets prediction we got wrong: There would be at least one rookie contributing by now

Speaking of third base prospects, where are they? What about the other young kids we’ve heard rave reviews about all year and beyond? By now, at least one of them should have been up and contributing. Instead, the Mets are doing their business with mostly veterans.

The front office has been very cautious with all of its prospects. From Mark Vientos and Brett Baty to Francisco Alvarez who could have all had roles on the MLB roster in some capacity, none have received the promotion to the big leagues.

This just doesn’t seem to be a part of the plan for the 2022 team. If it had been a consideration, we would have seen someone promoted prior to the trade deadline just to get a taste of what any of those young bats could do. Instead, they made three additions for veteran bats.

Every Mets season seems to have at least one rookie who contributes regularly. Last year it was Tylor Megill. This season we’re rookie-less.

Most fans don’t really care as long as the team wins. Winning is what the 2022 Mets do best.

So, while it might hurt our egos a little bit to not get this prediction correct, it’s the results on the field that matter more. The Mets are getting them even without the expected young firepower.

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