3 Mets predictions we all got wrong this year

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets prediction we got wrong: Eduardo Escobar would be a productive player

Eduardo Escobar has been a major disappointment this year. Many of us saw this as a favorable move by the Mets. He could play third base until one of the kids was prepared. Whether that time came this year or next, Escobar was a solid fit for what the Mets needed at the hot corner.

He hasn’t hit particularly well for any length of time. He isn’t having a Joey Gallo-Yankees experience but he also has been one of the team’s most ineffective starters.

It is a short-term deal and not for a whole lot of money to hamper the team from spending in other areas. Escobar has been a nice locker room addition but those guys can be found in much smaller roles than the one he was meant to take on.

When the Mets signed Escobar, he was meant to be one of their primary power hitters. Inserting him into the middle of the lineup with Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor would give them just enough pop. Instead, Escobar has been a guy some would rather see benched in favor of Luis Guillorme.

If Escobar isn’t able to figure things out by the end of the season, he could become a part-time player at the start of next year. Because he has experience at more than third base, it’s not such a bad thing for a team with unlimited financial resources. It will really depend on how prepared the team’s third base prospects are.