3 Mets predictions we all got wrong this year

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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We all think we know what the New York Mets will do, who will perform well, and what the final results will be. There’s a reason they play the games. It’s to shut us self-proclaimed Nostradamus up.

Each of us definitely got some predictions correct. We figured Francisco Lindor would be better. We knew the starting rotation would be superb. Each of us guaranteed behind the leadership of Buck Showalter things would run smoothly.

Not all of the predictions we made were 100% accurate. Whether you put them in ink, wrote them on a post-it, or sold it as an NFT, these are three predictions all of us—or at least move of us—failed to get correct.

1) NY Mets prediction we got wrong: NL East race would have been tighter

Who knew winning the National League East would come this easily to the 2022 Mets? The Braves did inch within a half game of the Mets earlier this summer but New York saw the urgency and spread things out once again shortly after.

The season is hardly over with and there is plenty of time for the Braves to surge, the Mets to fall, and anyone who thought the National League East chase would be tighter to be current.

Who wouldn’t have predicted a more evenly matched division, though? On paper, the strengths of the Mets and Braves are much closer. Even the Philadelphia Phillies had the potential to be at least within spitting distance of the division lead.

Instead, the Mets have actually had things come to them rather easily.

This doesn’t come across like a ball club that’ll get too cocky about it. They need to remain vigilant in winning however they can and as often as possible. For an updated prediction: they will.