5 predictions for the Mets with 100 games left in the 2023 season

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4) NY Mets prediction for the final 100 games: Ronny Mauricio is the team’s super utility man

Ronny Mauricio has done everything possible to warrant a call-up to the majors. The Mets have been careful about having a roster of too many young players. Mauricio’s change to second base and expectation of learning left field should have him joining the ball club as a super utility man.

Mauricio will have already replaced Mark Vientos on the roster as he joins Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty as the newest of the Baby Mets. A far better fit on the ball club because of the positions he is learning, Mauricio will be used the way Jeff McNeil has been in the past.

Regular starts up the middle and in left field will get Mauricio plenty of at-bats. He’ll be used as a pinch runner as well. The Mets became a team even more reliant on using up every position player they can.

Mauricio’s obvious progress as a legitimate power threat in the minor leagues is something the Mets could use in any capacity. He’ll play well enough to the point where we all begin to make the assumption that he’ll be next year’s starting left fielder. We might not be wrong about that. He’ll take some starts from Mark Canha down the stretch but the veteran will benefit from the extra days off.