Predicting 5 Mets takes we will see on social media this summer

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5) The Mets need to trade for an All-Star bat

Rising Apple’s John Flynn already knows what the Mets will be seeking at this year’s trade deadline—and I agree. It’s a bullpen arm and a power bat. The bullpen arm is something every contender will be searching for at the deadline. The power bat is a little different.

Hitting home runs has not been a strength of the first place Mets early on this year. Even Pete Alonso has slowed down the number of times he has rewarded fans in the bleachers with souvenirs. Other than him, only Francisco Lindor and Eduardo Escobar appear even capable of hitting 30 dingers.

An All-Star power bat added to the roster can help change things drastically. Unless Dominic Smith and J.D. Davis looks fully capable of handling the DH spot, the Mets will have a need and room to add to the roster. A power bat that can possibly play the outfield, too, may make the most sense. A lot of fans haven’t bought into Mark Canha yet. With injuries likely to happen along the way, we can make an early guess as to what fans will desire most for the Mets at this year’s trade deadline.

A big powerful stick on an expiring contract might be exactly what the fans holler for at the trade deadline. If certain Mets fans are especially lucky, the team will trade one of the starting pitchers for a power bat while including McCann in the deal to help make the possibility of promoting Alvarez far more likely.

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