Predicting 5 Mets takes we will see on social media this summer

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4) Who will Mets fans want to DFA this summer with Robinson Cano gone?

Robinson Cano is gone which means Mets fans now need to find someone new to designate for assignment. Who will it be?

If Trevor Williams makes it to the summer, he’s the obvious guy. Going back to the previous point, if Alvarez is making minor league pitchers consider a career change, McCann will be the guy—as unlikely as it is.

Fans wanting to DFA players is about as American as apple pie and baseball. It’s inevitable in every season. No team is built perfectly enough to go a full year without someone getting DFA’d.

Other candidates could always include Travis Jankowski and Joely Rodriguez. Some fans were prepared to DFA Rodriguez after only a small number of appearances this season. Jankowski, on the other hand, has earned more trust than most people expected he ever could.

Adam Ottavino is also yet another guy on a big league contract we could see fans turn against. Through the first month of the season, he has been unhittable or a complete disaster on the mound. There has been very little in between. He is, after all, a major league relief pitchers. It’s typically what happens.

Someone will become the summer’s top DFA candidate. With a roster made up of many players out of minor league options, every member of the 40-man roster is probably going to feel the wrath of at least one fanatic.