Predicting 5 Mets takes we will see on social media this summer

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3) Mets fans will demand Francisco Alvarez is called up to the big leagues

It has already started in some regards. James McCann isn’t hitting well. Tomas Nido is doing his typical thing of hitting poorly but gaining favor with the starting pitching staff. It’s a strange situation behind the plate for the Mets. McCann is signed for two more years after this to a pretty expensive deal. Nido is out of minor league options which means they would have to DFA him in order to demote him to the minor leagues.

Many Mets fans are looking toward the future and see Francisco Alvarez as the savior behind the dish. A terrific hitter who still needs to work on his defense, he’s fast-tracking to the major leagues and should, at the latest, see some big league plate appearances by 2023.

This year might be a bit of a stretch. Still in Double-A, the Mets do risk rushing him too soon. Possibly the best hitting catcher within the organization already, this organization doesn’t seem to strike me as one that would DFA Nido when he’s a favorite of Max Scherzer.

The more Alvarez hits in the minors, the more fans will try fast-forwarding him to the show. This season may not feature one of those midseason promotions like so many others have. This will not stop fans from hoping.