Predicting 5 Mets takes we will see on social media this summer

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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2) Edwin Diaz defenders will insist he is a Cy Young candidate

Should we believe in Edwin Diaz? Other than the 2019 campaign, he has given us a reason to start.

Diaz’s start to the 2022 season has been spectacular. His numbers are good but more importantly, he looks good. Diaz isn’t just dodging potential danger. He is dominating opponents. His saves are relatively clean and include some nasty pitches.

Diaz may finally now have more lovers than haters. While some may never come around to fully trusting him, plenty have. Those who have never had their doubts will begin to start insisting he can win a Cy Young this year.

The last time a relief pitcher won the Cy Young was in 2003 when Eric Gagne did so for the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s far more likely in these days for a starting pitcher to win the MVP than a reliever to win the Cy Young.

This won’t stop Diaz believers from making the case. If he lowers his ERA below 1.00 and continues to strike batters out at a high rate while converting every save possible, they’re going to throw numbers at you. The better the Mets play, the stronger his case will get, too.

Odds are against Diaz actually winning a Cy Young. This won’t stop the take from happening.