Mets Power Rankings: 5 players that must carry the team in the playoffs

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

The New York Mets won’t want to rely on any one player to carry them in the playoffs. However, if certain players slump or get injured, they may not have the choice.

Who may have to carry the burden most? When the playoffs arrive, it’s these five who currently rank as the ones who will need to carry them most.

5) NY Mets can get carried by Jeff McNeil

What makes Jeff McNeil so special? His offensive abilities are unique but so is the way he can fill in at multiple positions. McNeil can help the Mets overcome any number of injuries the same way he has filled in regularly as the starting right fielder in Starling Marte’s absence.

4) NY Mets can get carried by Jacob deGrom

One of the two starting pitchers the Mets are putting a lot of faith in this year, Jacob deGrom will get only his second crack at pitching in the postseason this October. His lack of experience puts him only slightly behind the other arm we’ll have to believe in.

3) NY Mets can get carried by Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer has a World Series ring and a lot more experience in the playoffs than deGrom. He was signed as an insurance policy for deGrom but also a nice pairing to go with the longtime Mets ace. In the postseason, his experience needs to show. Scherzer will need to leave it all out on the field to give the Mets a viable shot to win—especially if others aren’t pulling their weight.

2) NY Mets can get carried by Francisco Lindor

It’s essential Francisco Lindor has a big postseason. Not only do the Mets need it, so do the fans. A huge showing by the shortstop in the playoffs will put to rest any doubts about his abilities and contributions. Even your least favorite members of Mets Twitter may go into hiding or get too dizzy when they try put their usual spin on things.

1) NY Mets can get carried by Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. It’s nothing entirely new. He has embraced it since joining the team in 2019. The one true power hitter in the lineup, the club needs him to remain a consistent threat. Home runs won’t win a championship for a team but the fear of another club losing their chance at victory because of a long ball needs to remain an imminent threat. Alonso is the biggest one the Mets have.

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