Ultimate Mets postseason revenge tour could take place this fall

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Al Bello/GettyImages

A revenge tour for the New York Mets could take place in this year’s MLB playoffs. It’s quite possible they do nothing but play teams they’ve seen before in the postseason and took the L against during their last meeting.

These are the tour dates—or at least the opponents we could see on the Mets postseason revenge tour.

NY Mets vs. St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS

If the Mets are able to win the National League East, they’d play the winner of the St. Louis Cardinals vs. whoever it is they go up against. It’ll end up being the San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies, or Milwaukee Brewers. The Mets have never played any of those three teams in the postseason. The Cardinals are a different story.

These two clubs last locked arms in the 2006 NLCS when Carlos Beltran was famously caught looking at strike three with Adam Wainwright on the mound. Wainwright is still with the Cardinals so a little bit of personal vengeance against him would be pretty sweet.

NY Mets vs. Atlanta Braves in the NLCS

The Mets and Atlanta Braves won’t meet in the postseason until the NLCS at the earliest. These two clubs have met in the postseason twice before. The Mets won in 1969. The Braves took the W 30 years later when they last faced off in the playoffs.

It was a ball four from Kenny Rogers to Andruw Jones with the bases loaded that ended that series. The Braves went on to lose in the World Series to the New York Yankees. The next year, the Mets were able to avoid Atlanta but they also lost to the Yankees in the World Series. And if you haven’t guessed yet, that’s where this potential revenge tour ends.

NY Mets vs. New York Yankees in the World Series

The Mets have played the Yankees in the playoffs before but they aren’t the only team they’ve matched up with that they could possibly go against in this year’s World Series. The Houston Astros, an easy favorite to win the American League Pennant, lost to the Mets in the 1986 NLCS. They wouldn’t fit into a revenge tour on behalf of the Amazins. So, with that in mind, the last leg goes through the Bronx.

The Yankees didn’t have much of a problem defeating the Mets in the 2000 World Series. The teams are much more evenly matched this year with some favor possibly even landing in the laps of the club from Flushing. No revenge tour could end better than a win over the Yankees.

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