3 Mets players who have yet to secure their spot on the playoff roster

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets
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Time is on the side of the New York Mets who still have some of it to decide on who they will bring with them to the postseason. As the team battles it out in the final days of the regular season against the Atlanta Braves for National League East supremacy, the eventual Mets playoff roster remains uncertain.

Things will change dramatically, too, if they end up having to settle for a wild card. But looking at things from a more long-term playoff perspective, there are three players who have yet to secure a spot in the postseason—whether it starts off hosting in the wild card round or after a bye.

1) Darin Ruf has yet to earn his way onto the NY Mets playoff roster

The only thing keeping Darin Ruf from being an automatic “no” for the Mets playoff roster is a lack of alternative options. Mark Vientos was the guy who could take his roster spot away with a hot finish. The problem is Vientos is possibly even less flexible on defense. The Mets aren’t introducing him to the defensive side of the game at the major league level while Ruf is regularly getting starts at first base and even right field.

The promotion of Francisco Alvarez to the major league roster certainly makes it seem as if the front office is hopeful Ruf won't join them in the postseason. We all have our fingers crossed.

Ruf was meant to be the better half of the DH platoon with Daniel Vogelbach. Instead, he has continually wasted at-bats and an opportunity to become a huge contributor for New York. His IL stint, which eliminates him from at least any wild card round, is telling.

The Mets will need to make some sort of a decision about his role or whatever it is they decide to do at the DH spot when they face a lefty. They’ve been careful not to allow Vogelbach to see lefties often which might be a mistake. Given how poor Ruf has performed, it might have made sense to at least give Vogelbach a few opportunities even if his history suggests he isn’t about to figure it out. Aside from that, it seems as if Alvarez will get every chance he can until the regular season is over.