3 bold New York Mets playoff predictions for 2022

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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2) Bold NY Mets prediction: A comeback against the Dodgers

The Dodgers are a tough team to beat but the Mets did manage to take 4 out of 7 against them in the regular season. In their NLDS matchup, I’m predicting a repeat of the 2015 results.

The Mets will be down 2-1 in this series and win the fourth game only to clinch a nail-biter in Game 5. It’s in this finale when they’ll be able to hopefully turn to deGrom or Scherzer for the start. It won’t be the prettiest of games. When are Game 5s or 7s ever worth taking home to your mother?

The series will include at least one blowout loss for the Mets. Maybe it’s a game not started by one of the two aces. Maybe they exit and the bullpen gets creamed. It’s hard to get through any series of significance versus the Dodgers and walk away unscathed. They will, at some point, get the best of the Mets pitchers.

This series will come down to a series of late-inning moves and matchups. Joely Rodriguez gets a huge strikeout after a few minutes of Buck Showalter criticism on Twitter. A sacrifice bunt by Tomas Nido is regarded as the changing point of the game. It’s those small moments that will add up.

Winning this series will push the Mets forward one more notch closer to the World Series. Can they overcome their next opponent?