5 most surprising Mets playoff heroes in franchise history

Todd Pratt #7
Todd Pratt #7 / Al Bello/GettyImages
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2) NY Mets backup catcher Todd Pratt hits a walk-off home run

The year was 1999 and the Mets were finally back in the playoffs. Mike Piazza was out with an injury. In stepped Todd Pratt to replace the most irreplaceable member of the roster.

The Mets were hosting the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLDS with a 2-1 series lead. A win and they’d advance. It was Pratt who, in the bottom of the 10th with one out, took a Matt Mantei pitch over the wall. It gave the Mets a win.

Pratt was a much more impactful offensive player than Weis was during his time in the league. However, backup catchers are like the second-string quarterbacks. You don’t expect much from them. When they do deliver, it’s a moment that lives forever.

3) NY Mets pitcher Bobby Jones tosses a one-hitter in 2000

It was Bobby Jones who took the mound in the 2000 NLDS to help try and seal a victory for the Mets. They were, for the second straight year, up 2-1 in the series. This time, their opponent was the San Francisco Giants. Could they win and advance yet again?

Jones pulled off one of the most impressive NLDS starts in franchise history. A one-hit gem made it an easy day for the Mets—more so their fans. The win was absolute clutch as it helped seal the series.

The Mets didn’t even have home field advantage and they even lost the opener of this NLCS matchup. Behind Jones, who was far from the best pitcher on this World Series-bound ball club, they were feeling a little more confident in just how far they could go.