Which Mets players will be All-Stars in 2024?

Who will represent the Mets at this year's All-Star Game?
New York Yankees v New York Mets
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Even some of MLB’s worst teams will usually have an obvious All-Star candidate. Candidates tend to include a slugger, a rising star, a pitcher on the trade block, or a closer who does his duty. The New York Mets don’t seem to have any singular player who fits. Some of their more productive hitters have played too little this season to have the easiest case.

Every team sends someone. Who will represent the Mets? Let’s look at a few of the candidates.

Will one of the core Mets players be an All-Star?

This group includes Francisco Lindor, Brandon Nimmo, Pete Alonso, and J.D. Martinez. Martinez is having the best season. However, as a non-finalist for the DH spot, one has to question if the National League would have two designated hitters on the roster.

Nimmo and Alonso play positions with far too much competition. Lindor, on the other hand, is at a spot where there isn’t much depth around the league. Despite his slow start, he still has some of the better offensive numbers in the league at shortstop. The Mookie Betts injury opens up some room for him. However, with CJ Abrams having a better year, there is one obvious player to take the first backup spot. As a third shortstop on the roster and a player people know and players seem to like, Lindor could sneak in there.

Will a Mets pitcher be an All-Star?

Luis Severino has the best case among the starters and the only reliever this year who ever had one of his own was Reed Garrett. Garrett has much more average numbers now. We can cross him off the list.

For as well as Severino has pitched, he hasn’t been All-Star worthy. Measured up against other pitchers in the league, he isn’t at the same level. He’d be a fine replacement. He isn’t the best to represent the Mets.

What about those darkhorse options?

What would be really fun to see is Francisco Alvarez on the All-Star team. Limited this season due to an injury, he has been the quiet MVP of the Mets. When he plays, they tend to win. All-Star teams usually carry three catchers with them. The only thing missing for Alvarez is games played.

Unfortunately, Mark Vientos hasn’t played enough to be in the running. Plus, with his main position being third base, he’s not at a weak offensive position. The exciting darkhorse option would have to be Alvarez.

Prediction: Francisco Lindor makes the team as the lone Mets representative.