3 Mets players who have earned our trust

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I don’t trust Brandon Nimmo to stay healthy but I trust everything else about him

The only reason why Brandon Nimmo may not be one of the league’s brightest stars is how few games he has played. He has only a single season with more than 100 games played. After six years, this is far too few.

Nimmo was hurt yet again last year, playing in only 92 games for the Mets. This was actually the season where we saw him the second-most both in terms of games played and plate appearances.

He has actually come a long way from his breakout campaign in 2018 which saw him slash .263/.404/.483. He’s not relying on walks or hit by pitches nearly as much to get his OBP over .400. Combining his 2020 and 2021 seasons (for 147 games), he’s hitting .288/.402/.454. He can hit lefty pitchers now, too.

And just like Alonso, Nimmo isn’t the bad defender he was thought to be—at least in center field. Nimmo got a lot better at playing the most difficult outfield position. More than likely bound to a corner spot for at least the coming year, we can at least have some trust that if Starling Marte did get hurt the Mets would have a suitable replacement.

For those who still don’t trust Nimmo, the 2022 season will hopefully sway you. It’s his free agent campaign. It’s now or never.

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