3 Mets players who have earned our trust

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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Trust I seek and I find in these New York Mets players.

The Mets have a lot of new faces on the roster. A reason for it: management didn’t trust the familiar ones anymore. Some of those returning players will have a chance to regain the trust of the front office and fans. Others won’t even get the opportunity and will find a home in the doghouse if they even remain with the organization.

There are, however, three Mets I think have a near universal trust. Flawed in some ways, their performance has been steady enough for us to head into 2022 knowing we can rely on them.

If you don’t trust Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom you can’t trust anyone

There isn’t a pitcher in the game with a more productive and reliable career than Jacob deGrom. Even his new teammate Max Scherzer had years early on where he didn’t look like ace-material.

Already an all-time great Mets player after parts of eight big league seasons, deGrom has reached a level few ever can. He is beyond the boo. He gets the benefit of the doubt every time out. When you see his name on the lineup card, you know you’re going to get a strong effort.

If there is one thing we don’t trust about him fully it’s his health. deGrom missed half of the 2021 season. Will he be able to return to 2022 fully healthy?

A completely injury-free year may not be possible and that’s fine. deGrom has missed a few starts in the past and still excelled. It’s what he does.

Faith is often blinded to a degree. In deGrom’s case, we’ve seen it before. I’m certain we’ll see it again.