5 Mets players the Yankees could target in a trade to save their season

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
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4) NY Mets player the NY Yankees should target to save their season: Mark Canha

Mark Canha isn't exactly a savior, but he's a quality baseball player who makes this Yankees team a whole lot better.

Canha lost his starting job to Pham, but that had more to do with Pham's hot streak than Canha doing anything to lose it. He's slashing .244/.346/.396 with six home runs and 28 RBI. His 111 WRC+ would be fourth on the Yankees right now for players who have more than 20 plate appearances, and a recent Gleyber Torres hot streak pushed him down to fourth. He trails just Judge, Jake Bauers, and Torres.

Canha being fourth in WRC+ is an indictment on how just how bad this Yankees offense is, but it also shows that he can help them. He'd cost next to nothing in a trade, and has shown he can hit in New York.

The Yankees can hit him just about anywhere in the lineup and watch him be fine. He can get on base in front of their big boppers, or he can hit seventh or eighth and try to drive runs in that way.

He's shown some added versatility which could help the Yankees with all of their injuries. He's a primary left fielder but has played 12 games at first base, seven in right field, and even four at third base. Canha isn't a star, but he's certainly better than the likes of IKF and Oswaldo Cabrera.