3 Mets players under contract the team needs to shop in a trade

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3. The Mets need to trade reliever Adam Ottavino

This move seems unlikely, but if the Mets are indeed going to sell the rest of the season, holding onto a reliever like Adam Ottavino does not make any sense. Don't get me wrong, Ottavino is a really great pitcher to rely on in the Mets bullpen and had a great season in 2022, but with the way his season is going this year and how the Mets season as a whole is going as well, why not trade Adam Ottavino?

I know that he's not having a bad season, but Ottavino is 37 years old, and if the Mets want to reshape their farm system like general manager Billy Eppler said in a press conference Sunday afternoon, I truly believe if the Mets do decide to move on from Ottavino to a contender, you would get a nice return in prospects most likely.

With Ottavino having another year left on his current deal, a deal might be complicated but if a team is willing to make a move on the veteran reliever and they give the Mets a fair trade offer full of great prospects, if I'm in Billy Eppler's shoe's, it's a trade I should not refuse. The Mets have a lot of ground to make up in the NL Wild Card and it does not seem like a run is going to happen, so what's the point of holding onto Ottavino?