3 Mets players under contract the team needs to shop in a trade

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2. The Mets need to trade catcher Omar Narváez

The Mets brought in the veteran catcher, Omar Naráez primarily as a starter after signing him to a two-year deal with his backup being Tomas Nido giving Francisco Alvarez time to develop in the minor leagues. But after an injury early in the season that saw him miss significant time, it would make the most sense for the Mets to move Narvaez to a contender where he can get more playing time.

Ever since Alvarez got the call-up in Narváez's place, he has not missed a beat and has put up historic numbers in his first full season in the majors. And due to his amazing play both offensively and on defense, we have barely seen Narvaez in the Mets lineup. The Mets thought that by signing him to that contract, he would play for most if not all of the season. Now with his limited playing time this year, only having 47 at-bats, the Mets should really think about moving him.

Again, the Mets don't seem like they're postseason-bound, and with Narváez not seeing much action in the Mets lineup, why keep him? You probably won't get much in return for the 2019 All-Star, but I just don't see why they should keep him with Alvarez looking more and more every day as a star in the making. You also got a decent backup you call back up in Tomas Nido who's great reliability on defense, and a promising prospect in Kevin Parada that keeps improving. I think moving on from Omar Narváez is the right decision to make.