3 Mets who stepped up big in April

Washington Nationals v New York Mets - Game One
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Jeff Brigham has been a surprisingly reliable arm out of the bullpen for the Mets

Injuries have ravaged the Mets this season, with most of their starting rotation consisting of unproven minor league pitchers. These starters are often pulled after five innings, leaving the bullpen to be used frequently throughout the first month of the season. With this much use, somebody was going to have to step up and deliver some quality innings, and that someone has been Jeff Brigham.

After four subpar years with the Miami Marlins, Brigham has already made an impression during his brief time in New York. He carries a 1.59 ERA through his first 5.2 innings and is quickly emerging as a favorite option for Buck Showalter. Brigham also has an impressive nine strikeouts through these innings with just one walk given up.

With Adam Ottavino and David Robertson excelling at holding down the last two innings, the Mets have spent the first month of the season searching for someone who they trust with the earlier innings. Some of these pitchers have came and went, with several carrying an ERA over 6.00.

Whether this start is sustainable for Brigham or not, the Mets needed his contributions during these early games. Having a bullpen you can trust is crucial for a serious contender, and Brigham is earning his way onto that short list of players Showalter can trust. So far, it looks like Brigham hold an important bullpen role for the foreseeable future, and Mets fans should be comfortable seeing him on the mound going forward.