3 players who could sneak onto the 40-man roster by Opening Day

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3) NY Mets could see Denyi Reyes as a multi-inning relief option

Denyi Reyes has a minor league option left so you know the Mets are happy to have him. Signed to a minor league deal earlier this offseason, he’s a guy with only 7.2 innings of major league experience. It’s fine. Reyes is only 26.

Throughout his professional career, Reyes has worked as a starter and reliever. He struggled through the minor league season in 2022. It was a first for a guy who never saw a year finish with an ERA higher than 4.21.

Reyes is a natural fit to transition from minor league starter to big league reliever. He isn’t a high strikeout guy but doesn’t walk a whole lot of batters either. He’s a project for the Mets to work on this spring. With any luck on his side, he wins a 40-man roster spot over someone else.

The Mets can take advantage of Reyes’ ability to start games. As a mop-up candidate, he’s a player the club could summon to the majors when the bullpen is overly tired and may need as many as three innings.

Reyes is deep on the depth chart and not too serious of a contender for an actual 26-man roster spot. His best openings come from injuries and a decision to send Rule 5 Draft pick Zach Greene back to the New York Yankees rather than allow him to eat up a seat at the table.

Odds aren’t in his favor right now, but it does seem like at least one reliever stuns and finds his way at least onto the 40-man roster in March. Is Reyes the guy?

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