3 Mets players we should raise the bar for in 2023

New York Mets v Oakland Athletics
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3) NY Mets catching prospect Francisco Alvarez needs to be ready

No pressure, kid.

But also, we need you!

Buzz about what Francisco Alvarez can accomplish has been a storyline for Mets fans to watch in these recent years. One of the more exciting young prospects the franchise has had in recent memory, we’ll all have patience with him yet also ask him to exceed our expectations in 2023.

Alvarez has a great shot at making the Opening Day roster. Whether he’s the starting catcher and/or a DH option, the Mets could really use his bat in the lineup.

The catcher position has been an especially problematic one for this organization in recent years. There have been moments and bright spots at times. Nothing has ever settled.

We probably won’t see the best of Alvarez in 2023 nor should we expect him to become one of those rare MVP/Rookie of the Year candidates. We aren’t out of line to raise the bar on our demands of him.

Accepting slumps, growing pains, and even a poorly put-together season when it’s all over statistically is actually higher than what some may have in mind for Alvarez in his first major league season. What fans want the most are signs of improvement and maybe the occasional long home run with a few men on base.

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