5 Mets players remembered for letting the team down when it mattered most

Starting pitcher Kenny Rogers of the New York Mets
Starting pitcher Kenny Rogers of the New York Mets / STEVE SCHAEFER/GettyImages
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5) NY Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt is the latest to leave after a dud

Max Scherzer had the far more disappointing start for the Mets in the 2022 postseason. However, with at least one year left to prove himself, it’s Chris Bassitt whose name is more synonymous with disappointment than Mad Max—at least for now.

Bassitt had the task of defeating the San Diego Padres at home in Game 3 of the Wild Card round in October 2022. Up against Joe Musgrove, he never stood a chance. It would be great if we could single out all of the hitters who failed to get a hit in this game. We’d have to name everyone except Pete Alonso. A leadoff single in the bottom of the fifth was the only hit the Mets mustered all night.

Bassitt gets singled out for two reasons. One is because he was the pitcher in this devastating loss. The other is because it was his second consecutive bad outing.

This game featured only 4 innings out of the team’s regular season innings leader and 3 earned runs. Only a week earlier against the Atlanta Braves, Bassitt exited after 2.2 frames and 4 earned runs against him. It was one of the most critical regular season outings of the year. Bassitt was an awesome member of the Mets and a joy to watch. It sucks that his last two trips to the mound were so dreadful.

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